Honda EP2200CX

The EP2200CX draws its power from Honda's flagship GX160 engine for a maximum power output of 2,200 watts AC, and rated output of 2,000 watts.
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Honda EP2200

In keeping with Honda's reputation for smooth and quiet operation, the EP2200CX is fitted with anti-vibration engine mounts and large noise-suppressing mufflers to make your life easy.

Its stable power delivery comes courtesy of Honda's Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) system, which automatically compensates for fluctuations when the generator's load changes.

And for functionality and added safety, an AC/DC circuit breaker and oil alert light come standard, while an easy-to-use control panel features 15 amp sockets, battery charger and circuit protector.



Honda EP2200

The EP2200CX is powered by the revolutionary GX160 engine. Designed over 30 years ago, the GX range is synonymous with efficiency, economy and power.

It will start first time every time, courtesy of Honda's one pull easy start system. What's more, the EP2200 draws on Honda's Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) system to ensure stable power.

And the EP2200 runs on unleaded fuel, so you'll never have to mix oil and petrol again!



Honda EP2200

The EP2200 runs with reduced noise 66dB(A) and vibration levels with large 'silent' muffler and anti-vibration engine mounts for user-friendly operation.

It also features an easy to use control panel featuring 15amp sockets, battery charger, circuit protector and a circuit breaker to make your life easier.

It has a large capacity 14.5 litre fuel tank, and it comes in at a lightweight 45kg, with a convenient full frame ideal for easy transportation and engine protection.



Honda EP2200 4-Year Warranty

The EP2200 comes standard with a 4-Year Domestic Warranty, and a 12-Month Commercial Warranty, giving you peace of mind no matter how you're using it.

You're also backed by a 450+ strong network of authorised Honda dealers to keep your generator working hard day in, day out.

The EP2200 is equipped with a full steel frame to ensure engine protection and aid in transportation, so you'll have to get through that before you'll need to worry about repairs!



Designed and built with user convenience and environmental impact in mind, Honda generators feature advanced four-stroke engines for strong performance and fewer emissions

Honda's four-stroke engines eliminate the need to mix fuel and oil, which saves time and money. They also provide superior fuel efficiency and emit significantly less carbon and noise than most of their two-stroke counterparts




8.3 amp/12 volt DC, maximum 2200W AC

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